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Recipe: Dessert or Meal? Cherry “Sundae”


This is one of my favorite things to eat lately!  If you follow me on Instagram or see my feed on my page of the book of face, you may have noticed.  This is barely a recipe.  However, I will highlight it here because the taste sensation is (to me) unreal!  I’ve had it as a dessert and as a meal. 

Cherry “Sundae” 

What you’ll need (per person):

3 raw, soaked overnight and dried Brasil nuts, chopped fine (do yourself a favor and do a bunch at a time!  🙂 )

1/4-1/2 cup of frozen cherries

Handful of salted pistachios

1-2 raw egg yolks

1/2 -1 cup coconut milk

Splash of vanilla

1 pinch of sea salt

1/2 -1 tspn of pink peppercorns

Put it all together in a bowl.  (See barely a recipe at all!  My friend Michelle told me once that I don’t cook but rather “build” meals.  Since I can’t follow a recipe, I think she’s right.)

You can stack the ingredients however you want in a bowl or parfait glass in layers or put them all together and mix well with a spoon to make it more like melted ice cream.  🙂



Recipe: Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Raspberry “Gravy”


Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Raspberry “Gravy’

I had this as a side for my steak the other day.  It was so good so I thought I’d pass it on to y’all.

What you’ll need per person:

For the potatoes:

1 sweet potato

2 cloves garlic

1 Tablespoon of coconut milk

Water to cover

For the “gravy”:

1 cup of bone broth or stock

10 or so raspberries

1/2 Tablespoon mint leaves

2 pinches dried thyme

1 pinch dried rosemary

Juice of 1/2 lemon

To make the potatoes:

1. Peel and cube the potatoes tiny for faster cooking.

2. Peel the garlic.

3. Put the potatoes and garlic in pot and cover with water.  Bring to a boil.

4.  When tender, add coconut milk and either using a fork or a blender, mash and mix well.

5.  Salt to taste.

While the potatoes are cooking, make the ‘gravy’.

1. Put the bone broth in a saucepan.

2. Add raspberries.  (I use frozen.)

3.  Add mint and other herbs.

4.  Allow the broth to reduce by half and mash everything together.

5.  Incorporate lemon juice.  (I like the tang so if you don’t, use a little less juice.)

6.  Salt to taste.

Spoon the gravy over the potatoes and nosh on, my friend.  Nosh on.

I like the chunkiness over the smoothness of the potato but you can also pass through a sieve to get a clearer, smoother sauce.

(Make plenty more if you would rather this as a main dish!)


Rosemary Infused Pork Kabobs with Apple Sauerkraut Slaw


The irony of writing a recipe by someone who can’t follow one is not lost on me!

This was super delicious and wanted to share with you.  It was dinner (and lunch!) last week.

It’s super simple!

Rosemary Pork Kabobs and Apple/Sauerkraut Slaw (pictured with grated beet and homemade mayo salad)

Here’s what you’ll need per person:

For the pork:

1 Thick cut boneless pork chop, cubed into a little larger than bite-size

1 rosemary branch to use as a skewer (leaves still on), soaked in water

1 tspn of bacon grease leftover from the rest of the pig  🙂


juice of one lemon

garlic clove, minced

You’ll also need black sesame seeds to coat

For the slaw:

1/2 crisp apple, diced

2-3 Tbspns of sauerkraut, chopped

1/2-1 Tbspn of whole grain mustard

1. Prepare the slaw by mixing the three ingredients and set aside.

2. With a fork, prick the cubed meat in several places to tenderize and open up some little tunnels for the marinade to sink in.

3. Place the meat into the marinade and coat evenly.

The longer this can sit the better, but even at 10 minutes this works nicely.

4. Preheat the oven to 375.

5. Take the meat out of the marinade and massage bacon grease into it.

6. Roll the cubes in sesame seeds.

7. Skewer the meat onto the soaked rosemary, leaving about 1/4 inch between each piece.

8. Salt to taste.  

9. Place the skewers onto a baking sheet with some sides or else you’ll lose all the sauce and that would suck.

10. Let it roast until done (15-20 minutes).  Or more if you want them to be crispier.

11. Remove from the oven and plate with the pan juices.

12. Cover them in the slaw and pig out.