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Wisdom and Rebellion


“Life in all its fullness is Mother Nature obeyed.”

                  -Weston A. Price

I’m not big on obedience.  I never have been.  The worst reason to do something is always because someone in authority tells me I have to.  It always makes me bristle.  Suffice it to say that I wasn’t an easy kid.

The society I grew up in in the Caribbean, like nearly all other societies, had some clear guidelines that everyone adhered to in an effort to assure their place in it.  Girls wore their hair long, took ballet classes, wore just the right “feminine” things, spoke quietly, dieted, and did their nails at the salon once a week.

The year that I was twelve, I discovered Billy Idol.  I’m still unclear how, but his poster was suddenly on my wall, my hair was shortened, spiked and bleached and there were deep grooves in the vinyl.  I learned to lift my fist in the air and snarl into the mirror.  I never investigated the lyrics to Rebel Yell and still haven’t in case google shatters the story that I’ve created in my own head about it.  All I knew was that things were far more significant somehow if done with a rebel yell. (More, more, more…..rebellion?  My adult brain has easily captured that there may be something else that she’s crying out for, but I will not cave to facts!)

Wisdom is knowing when to follow the rules.  If I want to cross the border into Canada with my dog, then I have to prove that his rabies vaccine is up to date.  (This example only seems random.)  If I want to be healthy, happy, beautiful, and free, I have to do whatever nature says.  That is a lovely paradox.  To be free is to follow nature’s guidelines.

It is the only accurate measuring stick against we can evaluate and assess anything.  It is the only true one that we’ve ever had, ever.

It’s not always easy to be obedient to nature.  I mean, really, have you had german chocolate cake?  (One summer, at my aunt’s house, we had a five gallon drum of german chocolate cake ice cream in the basement freezer.  My uncle shut that freezer with a padlock and kept the key with him at all times.  He doled out a scoop per person per day to ensure that it would last the whole summer.)

As in all the most delightful things, there is a paradox to which I can still raise a black leather and silver studded fist in the air.  Obedience to nature is the ultimate yell of rebellion towards society.  I really love that.  (Picture me snarling as I say that.)