Individual holistic health coaching**

Whether you are struggling with some ideas about your weight or are wondering where all the fun went from your life, you can experience transformation.  I can guide you to reclaiming your authority to live a life of vitality and freedom.

Group holistic health coaching

There are some powerful things that can only happen with the group dynamic!  In groups of 4-8 people, let’s share our journey to freedom.  I will facilitate and act as the guide, but we will learn from each other.

Individual coaching for recovery from spirituality**

What if spirituality is actually an obstacle to your freedom?  What if spiritual practices run counter to what is best for your health?  I can guide you to another way to deeply nourish and create connection.

Parental coaching**

What are some practices that we can introduce to your family culture that will create a home that is nourishing?  Let’s find a way to model vibrant freedom for your children while also strengthening them as people.


I am available for workshops on a wide range of health topics that are fun and informative.  Workshops range from 2 hours to full weekends.


As a post-wellness coach, I have a unique perspective on health, vitality and freedom and am passionate about sharing it.

Group coaching for grocery shopping

Need help maneuvering the grocery store?  I can help you learn to read labels, understand the most efficient way to shop so that you can be in and out quickly turning this chore into a pleasure. ( Groups of 4-6)

Kitchen rehab.

Everything from the pantry essentials to rearranging your kitchen to work for you, this is an important step in nourishing yourself and your family.  Once the kitchen works, you don’t have to!

Email support (coming soon)

Be part of the Nourishing Freedom community with once a week practical tips sent right to your inbox.

**Available to do online sessions, as well.

Contact: OR 802-683-8436


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