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Recipe: Steak in Chocolate Chili Sauce


This is what I just had for dinner and it combines all the best things in life: butter, chocolate, steak, tomatoes, onions and bone broth. ¬†I’m getting the goosebumps just thinking about it!

Steak in Chocolate Chili Sauce

What you’ll need:

3/4 stick of Kerrygold garlic and herb butter

1-2 onions sliced

2 cups homemade bone broth or 3 cups store bought broth

1 cup water if you’re using homemade broth

1/2 – 1 pound of beef, preferably in steak form ūüôā

1 can of diced tomatoes 

1 Tablespoon of chili seasoning

1 Tablespoon on unsweetened cocoa powder

1.  On medium heat, melt the butter and add the onions.

2.  Stir every few minutes, keeping an eye on the onions.

3.  When the onions are translucent, add the bone broth, tomatoes, water, chili and cocoa powder.

4.  Mix well.

5.  Turn down the heat and let that simmer for 15 minutes.

6.  Add the meat.

7. ¬†On low, cover and allow it to simmer for an hour. ¬†(Yep, an hour. ¬†Go wash your hair, take the dog for a walk, do your taxes, shave your chest….whatever.)

8.  Pull the steak out of the sauce and ease it onto a plate.  Cover with the sauce.

I didn’t make anything to go with it tonight. ¬†It would be lovely with some greens or roasted squash.

*You will need your fork and spoon. ¬†I thought that I’d need my knife to cut the meat but it was fork tender.


Recipe: Dessert or Meal? Cherry “Sundae”


This is one of my favorite things to eat lately! ¬†If you follow me on Instagram or see my feed on my page of the book of face, you may have noticed. ¬†This is barely a recipe. ¬†However, I will highlight it here because the taste sensation is (to me) unreal! ¬†I’ve had it as a dessert and as a meal.¬†

Cherry “Sundae”¬†

What you’ll need (per person):

3 raw, soaked overnight and dried Brasil nuts, chopped fine (do yourself a favor and do a bunch at a time! ¬†ūüôā )

1/4-1/2 cup of frozen cherries

Handful of salted pistachios

1-2 raw egg yolks

1/2 -1 cup coconut milk

Splash of vanilla

1 pinch of sea salt

1/2 -1 tspn of pink peppercorns

Put it all together in a bowl. ¬†(See barely a recipe at all! ¬†My friend Michelle told me once that I don’t cook but rather “build” meals. ¬†Since I can’t follow a recipe, I think she’s right.)

You can stack the ingredients however you want in a bowl or parfait glass in layers or put them all together and mix well with a spoon to make it more like melted ice cream. ¬†ūüôā


Recipe: Pickled Eggs


I found this recipe on ¬†I adapted it very, very slightly. ¬†It’s one of my favorite ways to have handy snacky protein around. It’s also a great way to preserve a bumper crop of eggs if you get lucky enough to come into one.

Pickled Eggs

What you’ll need:

Eggs-at least a dozen

Wheat Free Tamari/Soy Sauce

Vinegar (balsamic is super nice, but pricey so I mix it with apple cider vinegar)

1 large onion

4 bulbs of garlic per jar


Canning Jar or old big pickle jar (1/2 gallon holds about 1 1/12 dozen eggs)

You know how I roll around here by now. ¬†I’m not all into measurements and those sorts of crazy constraints. ¬†Maybe that’s one reason that I eat paleo. ¬†I don’t have to bake and get specific.

Okay here we go:

1. Boil your eggs.

2. While your eggs are boiling, slice your onion into thick rounds and peel the garlic.

3. Peel your eggs.  (This is easier if you take the freshly boiled eggs and plunge them into ice water.  This shrinks the egg away from the shell.)

4. Take your clean jar and put one-two large pieces of seaweed in the jar.  (I used kelp this time.)  As you peel the eggs, plop them in the jar with the seaweed.

5. ¬†While you’re peeling eggs, take equal parts vinegar and tamari (the amount you need will be according to the size of the jar), the garlic and the onion slices (reserve one) and boil them in a pot.

6.  When the vinegar/tamari mixture is brought to a boil for a minute or two, carefully pour it all over the eggs into the jar with the garlic and onions.

7.  Take the piece of onion you had reserved, and place it on top and close the jar.

8.  This will keep for a long time.  A couple months at least.

I love to make egg salad from these.  Deviled eggs.  Or just eat them as is.  I LOVE them.

Have fun!

Recipe: Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Raspberry “Gravy”


Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Raspberry “Gravy’

I had this as a side for my steak the other day. ¬†It was so good so I thought I’d pass it on to y’all.

What you’ll need per person:

For the potatoes:

1 sweet potato

2 cloves garlic

1 Tablespoon of coconut milk

Water to cover

For the “gravy”:

1 cup of bone broth or stock

10 or so raspberries

1/2 Tablespoon mint leaves

2 pinches dried thyme

1 pinch dried rosemary

Juice of 1/2 lemon

To make the potatoes:

1. Peel and cube the potatoes tiny for faster cooking.

2. Peel the garlic.

3. Put the potatoes and garlic in pot and cover with water.  Bring to a boil.

4.  When tender, add coconut milk and either using a fork or a blender, mash and mix well.

5.  Salt to taste.

While the potatoes are cooking, make the ‘gravy’.

1. Put the bone broth in a saucepan.

2. Add raspberries.  (I use frozen.)

3.  Add mint and other herbs.

4.  Allow the broth to reduce by half and mash everything together.

5. ¬†Incorporate lemon juice. ¬†(I like the tang so if you don’t, use a little less juice.)

6.  Salt to taste.

Spoon the gravy over the potatoes and nosh on, my friend.  Nosh on.

I like the chunkiness over the smoothness of the potato but you can also pass through a sieve to get a clearer, smoother sauce.

(Make plenty more if you would rather this as a main dish!)


Recipe: Preserved Lemons


This is the most highly anticipated recipe that you didn’t even realize that you couldn’t live without. ¬†You only thought that your kitchen was well stocked and that all your other recipes were doing just fine. ¬†This little addition is kitchen gold, I tell you, gold!


Preserved Lemons a.k.a. Sunshine in a Jar of Yumminess

What you’ll need:

A very clean glass jar with lid

A tamper downer (and yes, that is the correct technical terminology)  (not really)


Sea salt

A sharp knife


The return on this investment is unreal by the way. ¬†I’m not sure how much more I can gush over these, really. ¬†I buy the lemons when they go on sale. ¬†They’re usually on sale because they’re about to be over ripe. ¬†In other words, you’re going to take the lemons that life hands you, add salt and preserve them to make something even better than lemonade.

Okey dokey (there’s a lot of preamble because the recipe is overly simple).

1. Cut your lemons into quarters or eighths.

2. Put lemons in jar.  (I do this every two lemons because the rhythm seems right.)

3. Put a pinch of sea salt in the jar.  

4.  Tamp down releasing all the juices.

5.  Repeat this process until your jar is full.

6.  Close jar.

7. Wait.

I wait anywhere from 3-14 days.  The longer this sits, the better it gets.

The one thing you want to watch is that at the top of the jar, the lemons are completely immersed in their juices to keep air from getting to the flesh.  

These are good chopped into just about anything. ¬†They are unbelievable with merguez and green salads. ¬†The juice can be used just like you’d use fresh. ¬†Just adjust for the salt.

Enjoy!  Nourish yourself into Freedom.

Spaghetti Squash “Carbonara”


Spaghetti Squash Carbonara

This was one of those dishes that made me want to cry as I saw more of my plate and less of it as I scarfed it down. ¬†It’s been YEARS since I’ve had an authentic carbonara so please take the title lightly.

What you’ll need per person:

3 strips of bacon, cut into tiny chunks

1/8 onion, sliced into thin half-moons

1/2 spaghetti squash (I had this for breakfast, so I used leftover spaghetti squash that I had baked the night before. ¬†If you are starting fresh, cut your squash in half, scoop out the seeds and put a Tablespoon or so of tallow or coconut oil in the “bowl” it creates. ¬†Roast/bake at about 375-400 for 40-50 minutes. ¬†Remove from oven and with a fork scrape out the insides and marvel at the magic of spaghetti from a gourde!)

1 whole egg or 2 egg yolks (You will be eating these raw, so organic, free range is important here.  If you are not used to eating raw egg whites, use the yolk.  The albumin in the white can be difficult for some to digest.)

1 Tbspn of capers

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1. Heat a large skillet.

2. Put in bacon to cook.

3. When bacon is starting to brown, add in onions.

4. When just about crisp, add squash noodles and stir well to incorporate.

5. While those flavors mesh, crack eggs into a bowl and whisk well.

6.  Add lemon juice and capers to skillet and turn off the heat.

7. Transfer the squash mixture to your dish or bowl and pour eggs over, folding them in.

8.  Eat immediately and have a good cry on me as it disappears.

Here’s to nourishing ourselves to freedom!

*Follow us on Instagram where Jenny takes a picture of everything she eats to quiet the fears that eating gluten free and paleo diminishes the joy of eating.  Au contraire, mes freres et soeurs!

Rosemary Infused Pork Kabobs with Apple Sauerkraut Slaw


The irony of writing a recipe by someone who can’t follow one is not lost on me!

This was super delicious and wanted to share with you.  It was dinner (and lunch!) last week.

It’s super simple!

Rosemary Pork Kabobs and Apple/Sauerkraut Slaw (pictured with grated beet and homemade mayo salad)

Here’s what you’ll need per person:

For the pork:

1 Thick cut boneless pork chop, cubed into a little larger than bite-size

1 rosemary branch to use as a skewer (leaves still on), soaked in water

1 tspn of bacon grease leftover from the rest of the pig ¬†ūüôā


juice of one lemon

garlic clove, minced

You’ll also need black sesame seeds to coat

For the slaw:

1/2 crisp apple, diced

2-3 Tbspns of sauerkraut, chopped

1/2-1 Tbspn of whole grain mustard

1. Prepare the slaw by mixing the three ingredients and set aside.

2. With a fork, prick the cubed meat in several places to tenderize and open up some little tunnels for the marinade to sink in.

3. Place the meat into the marinade and coat evenly.

The longer this can sit the better, but even at 10 minutes this works nicely.

4. Preheat the oven to 375.

5. Take the meat out of the marinade and massage bacon grease into it.

6. Roll the cubes in sesame seeds.

7. Skewer the meat onto the soaked rosemary, leaving about 1/4 inch between each piece.

8. Salt to taste.  

9. Place the skewers onto a baking sheet with some sides or else you’ll lose all the sauce and that would suck.

10. Let it roast until done (15-20 minutes).  Or more if you want them to be crispier.

11. Remove from the oven and plate with the pan juices.

12. Cover them in the slaw and pig out.