Health, vibrant and universal, is the key which opens the door to freedom.  It is freedom from dependence, from emotional turmoil, from society’s arbitrary regulations.  It is freedom from shame.

The two truths that are at the very foundation of my approach are that we humans are not naturally flawed and that we are very literally what we eat.

The five guiding principles of my work are that:

1.  I honor the needs of our species, Homo sapiens sapiens.

2. Nothing is static.  Everything is dynamic

3. All is related.

4. The body is contextual and dependent on its environment.

5.  We are subject to the laws of nature.  The paradox is that through obeying these laws we discover freedom.

The work of Nourishing Freedom is a process of accompaniment through finding the best:

1. Nourishment 

2. Movement

3. Play

4. Level of stress

5. Amount of sleep

6. Relationship to nature

7. Creation of community

for each individual with the awareness that every individual is a part of the whole.

There is a rippling outwards of health.  Being healthy is one of the greatest gifts we can offer the world.  It is undoubtedly the greatest honor we can bestow to ourselves.



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