Jennifer Martineau aims to empower people to take care of their health in profound ways.  Her passionate mission is to serve as a reminder that we are already equipped with the resources necessary to be sustainably healthy for ourselves, for our community, and for the planet.

Jennifer uses a holistic, empathic, and nourishing coaching style to guide her clients toward their own innate wisdom. She uses her integrated knowledge of anatomy, biology, physiology, ecology, anthropology, psychology, lifestyle coaching, herbalism and nutrition to empower her clients on their journey to abundant vitality.

With her support, the health of her clients is deeply renewed.  Their quality of healing sleep is enhanced.  They feel, often for the first time, the sensation of being deeply nourished through joyful eating habits.  Body composition shifts as the pleasure of movement is discovered.  The toxic effects of stress are minimized as they develop a sincere connection to their body, their community and to nature.

Jennifer was born in Haiti.  She grew up playing where the ocean tickles the feet of the mountains.  Haiti taught her the power of simplicity, authenticity, and the strength of holism.  She has traveled throughout the United States and Canada.  She was keenly impacted by her travels to Africa, the cradle of life.  She currently lives in the wild green hills of Vermont.  She has worked as a board certified massage therapist and as a sports yoga instructor.  She has studied with herbalist Susun Weed, creator of the Wise Woman Way, as well as herbalist and Wise Woman, Corinna Wood.  She is the former chapter leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation in Savannah, Ga.  She is certified as a Health and Lifestyle Coach from the CHEK Institute.  She is also a proud alumnus of Goddard College with a Bachelor’s in Health Arts and Sciences.  She offers individual and family coaching, workshops, and weekend immersions.  She will soon be a certified personal trainer and is publishing a transformational playbook on health.  You can reach her at,, and

-Thank you Larissa!

photo credit: Lori Martineau


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