Movement Challenge?


I recently just did the whole30.  During that time, I made the conscious decision to cease extra movement.  Other than the 15-20 minute morning walk with the dog, I did nothing else. I did a lot of sitting around.  

I did this because I wanted to remind myself of how profoundly eating authentically will take me.  And, it takes me far.  

Now, I have the energy to want to move.  That’s how eating authentically works.  Eat well first.  Desire to move next.  

So, I’m giving myself the 30 Day Movement challenge.  For the next 30 days, I will move intentionally each day.  Today, for example, I went for the routine walk and then came back and did a Tabata.  I am going to move for a 5 minute minimum as an intentional, focused thing.  I will also try to just move more throughout the day.  I’ve got my stand-up desk.  I will just incorporate more ways to move throughout the day and keep a nice variety going.  

I’d love for you to join me.  

Comment below about the different ways you move with focus.  Let’s have fun with this!  Make it fit your lifestyle and your preferences.  If it’s not fun, why bother, right?

You body will be happy!

On Instagram, I’ll be chronicling this at #30daymove.  


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  1. I want to join you on this movement whole 30. By doing 5 to 10 minutes each day of movement other than work : Yoga (to stretch from work movement), jump rope (to boost my energy), Tabata, weight lifting. I am not yet on instagram, but will keep a journal somehow.

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